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Fixed Assets in Financial Accounting

Talking about finance, one of the most important elements that you may want to control, are your fixed assets, because they concentrate a large part of the company investment. The fixed assets module is very large section in financial accounting,... Continue Reading →


Reconciliation Accounts

The traditional accounting method is to create and account for each one of the customers, suppliers, employees and so on. This is accurate since you need to have a statement and balance of how much you have paid or collected... Continue Reading →


There is a new idea of how to handle operations in small, medium and big companies, and this is called IoT (Internet of Things). The idea is that all our operations and systematic procedures are linked together for accessibility and quick... Continue Reading →

Year’s End

The biggest challenge in this holidays is how to close the operations and administrative duties in every company. Everything begins with an appropriate use of the systems that are at hand and the correct configuration of their functionality. It is... Continue Reading →

Freelance SAP, taking the biggest ERP to the newest job market.

For some time now, I have had experience as a consultant, and I have witnessed that the experience for the client in hiring SAP Consultants can be hard. It is common to expect to find someone the olds ways, inside... Continue Reading →

What is a Reconciliation Account?

In accounting, the amount of accounts that can be generated with customers, vendors and other types of entities can be very large. For this reason, SAP has the option for creating a reconciliation account, that functions like this: When you... Continue Reading →

Document Types in Financials Module SAP

The idea of a document outside SAP, may be just a piece of paper where information is placed. But a the Document Type in SAP represents a lot more, because it has many properties, the main ones are listed here: It... Continue Reading →

The different applications for Withholding Tax

One of the most difficult configuration in FI System, is the withholding tax, and this has nothing to do with configuration skills or understanding of the SAP System, but because the understanding of what withholding tax does in SAP is... Continue Reading →

Why does apps is not a substitute right now for SAP?

The app market is getting bigger every day, and is has conquer the many markets, like gaming, personal productivity, health, weather. Now a days you have an app for everything. But for business it is different, because you feel the... Continue Reading →

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