Captura de pantalla 2016-04-13 a las 12.13.26 p.m.SAP is the best ERP in the world, because it knows how to manage data. Information is what keeps a company going in terms of goals, finance and decision making. But before we can achieve the status of information, data needs to be managed, translated and filtered in order for those random numbers to mean something.

If an enterprise is not involved in manage their data, the troubles are going to hit hard in the future. But there is an special type of information that needs to be managed very carefully, and that is the master data.

One characteristic about information is that it can be modified, interpreted and in some cases manipulated in order to obtain some expected result. But master data is supposed to be constant, and because of this, if one piece of that information is wrong, is going to create a butterfly effect.

You have to be very careful and spent the right amount of time defining master data, as the start function in your system. The time that you spent cleaning those lists, deleting information that is not useful in an Excel Sheet, is time and money that you are going to save in the future.

We published a course about uploading master data ( LSMW Creation Step by Step ) into a SAP System using a LSMW program, but with this course we have to make one thing clear. It does not matter that the tool helps the user perform this tasks faster, it does not substitute the importance of cleaning and supervising the data that is uploaded in the system.

Remember, information is what keep an enterprise going in a day to day basis, so you have to very skeptical about that information you upload to you system in order for it to function as it supposed to function.