For some time now, I have had experience as a consultant, and I have witnessed that the experience for the client in hiring SAP Consultants can be hard. It is common to expect to find someone the olds ways, inside the Yellow Pages or to post a job offer in the newspaper, describing the specific job skills.

For a SAP consultant, having the opportunity to have worldwide job openings is the biggest window for improving the worker skills, and also to provide the client with quality of work, great performance and milestones completed.

I think the main issue for most companies, is comunication, but now we have video calling, shared screens, document and code repositories, many tools that give us the opportunity to work for a client in the other side of the world.

Freelancing consulting for big companies is the best way in order to find great consultants, technology experience and goal oriented work.

The page Toptal, in specific Toptal SAP Engineers Group is making this happen. They have created a global network of freelancers with the propers qualifications to provide quality services and achieve customer satisfaction.