There is a new idea of how to handle operations in small, medium and big companies, and this is called IoT (Internet of Things). The idea is that all our operations and systematic procedures are linked together for accessibility and quick response decisions.

The change is hard, because it requires infrastructure and also investment in clouding sites, but the benefits in medium and long term basis, can be linked directly with ROI and costing optimization.

The answer of SAP to this changes is SAP Hana. The cloud computing and fast data analytics solution that is already changing the scope of how we see the resource planning solutions.

One question that is important to answer, is what is going to happen with all the legacy systems and knowledge that we have with SAP R3 and all of its modules, well the answer is simple, SAP Hana incorporates the best of technology and still preserves their functional strength.

SAP Simple Finance module is the translation of SAP FI module into the modern world, using the core functionality and configuration, and taking it into the next level.

Special training may be needed in order to use this technology, but the main focus and idea of what SAP is, still is valuable and all the consultants that are around with R3 knowledge are the one that can take the leap more easily.