SAP FI Develop Programming
Primateko Technology

Providing knowledge, teaching about technology and develop new products is a compromise now a days that requiere preparation and willing to exceed people expectations.

The experience acquired in ERP like SAP and development in programming languages comes from the participation in complete implementations of ERP System, from preparing the hardware to the go live.

The beginning of the experience starts with analyzing the problem that a system must solve, and that translate it to terms of how technology can solve it.

With a certification in SAP Financials module, the configuration of many SAP System has given the experience and the knowledge to create courses that simply the configuration and usage of the SAP FI, MM and FM Module.

As any Technology enterprise, being up to date with the latest technology, software and hardware is required to develop new products and create solution for enterprises around the world.

To end up, it is important to mention, that to really understand the methodology of implementation, the concepts for customizing and the real life problems that the user faces, it is needed to be involved in projects from the beginning to the end, and for the end it important to consider support.

For this point PRIMATEKO is proud about this experience and knowledge, and we are expecting to share this experience.