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The importance of data management in SAP

SAP is the best ERP in the world, because it knows how to manage data. Information is what keeps a company going in terms of goals, finance and decision making. But before we can achieve the status of information, data... Continue Reading →


SAP Legacy System Migration Workbench

  In the course of an implementation or during productive activities, one of the hardest things to manage is Master Data, because it is difficult to administrate and the level of importance is high. The administration of this master data is needed in... Continue Reading →

Enterprise Structure for Financial Configuration

Before your start your journey with a system like SAP, you need to have your business structure very well defined. SAP gives the option to configure a Company, and inside this Company, you can create Company Codes that are the... Continue Reading →

Udemy Course for Learning SAP Financials Configuration

The course for SAP Financials Configuration that is actually live in Udemy, and is intended for everyone who is interested on implementing the Financials Module in SAP. The Financials Module in SAP is the backbone of all other SAP modules,... Continue Reading →

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