Udemy SAP FI

Udemy SAP FI Course

This course is intended if you want to become a SAP consultant, if you already are, or if you are a user that needs more information of the back end functionalities.
The backstage in SAP is configuration. This is where the magic happens.
The FI Module in SAP is the backbone for all the processes that are implemented, and it’s configuration is key in order to understand the system functionality, implement the first steps and be able to solve problems that came up at the beginning of the implementation or in production system.

This course covers since the creation of the Company and Company Codes to the creation of P&L statements.

Most of the topics are covered in HD Videos that shows a real system, and step by step configuration instructions.

In great terms, the topics are:

  • Basic SAP Navigation
  • Introduction to SAP Configuration Screen
  • Company Code
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Account groups
  • Field status group
  • Posting Documents
  • Taxes
  • Vendor
  • Customer
  • P&L Statements

This course is taught by an instructor with experience in complete SAP implementations and with experience in back-end and front-end user training.
While you are taking the course or when you are finished, you would be able to configure the FI module and solve problems. Also the instructor would be available for questions, suggestions and updates in the course.
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